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Power outages can cause big problems for business owners and homeowners. As a business owner, you're worried about your refrigerated and frozen products spoiling and your business having to shut down due to a power surge. With a standby generator online, you won't have to worry about power outages and unexpected downtime. Your standby generator will activate automatically when the power goes out.

Blackwell Electric LLC specializes in generator installation and repair services in the Newberry, Alachua and Gainesville, FL areas. If your generator ever fails, our technicians will repair it right away. We can show you our selection of generators for sale and help you decide on one that can power your business or household.

Discover the benefits of a standby generator

Blackwell Electric provides generator installation and repair services in Newberry, Florida and surrounding areas. Standby generators:

  • Start automatically
  • Can power your entire home or business
  • Provide security during blackouts
  • Reduce your insurance rates
  • Keep refrigerated products from spoiling

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